The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Something Is Fucked Up

Something is Fucked up… angiej: Where Have All The Muslims Gone? Read more

The Ratings Are In

The Ratings are In… Hmm, we (Mark, Rhonda, and I) got about 315 hits per day last week. That’s not too terrible is it? however reportedly get’s 622 hits/day … but he’s running a radio station on Shoutcast to generate hits. Mark, Rhonda, if you want the breakdown check inside. Read more

The View From The Toilets

The view from the Toilets… Arthur’s Seat It’s ever so impressive isn’t it? Unfortunately I didn’t take this picture (I believe Bob did …) but it’s roughly identical to that we get from the toilets in our office. Read more

I Hadnt Realized

I hadn’t realized… I hadn’t realized it had been since the 11th that I last updated. I’ve been rather busy with work related stuff, and I have regained a Katie and Jamie in my life as well. I shall make an effort to be more dilligent in my ramblings again. Read more

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Credit Where Credit is Due I wrote a DTD file for Shadow Plan to help developers who would like to write Shadow XML documents. Check out the credits. Hehe… Read more