The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

A&e Rocks

A&E Rocks! Neil Gaiman A&E are aparently releasing Neverwhere on DVD in America. I’m so excited. Can we say want/need? Also Neil (as if we’re on a first name basis … me and Neil …) mentions an online Entomology website. Which will be added to my OED bookmark at work. Read more

Someone Who Gets It

Someone Who Get’s It The Lieutenant General in this Guaridan article just >get’s< it. I have a big long rant pent up inside that I’ve been trying to avoid blogging about… it may come out a bit more rationally later. Read more

Xml In Javascript

XML in JavaScript?! The beginning of this article. talks about some XML processors for JavaScript which look pretty neat. JavaScript has gained alot of respect from me in recent months because I’m finding it has most of the high level constructs I like in Perl … Read more

Go Ct

Go CT! Chris Thompson got himself discussed on xml-dev for the linked post. Aparently there was a world of discussion about someone actually doing the right thing when it comes to web design. I’m not sure which is more depressing that it generated alot of discussion, or that it’s not as common as it should be in the world. Either way, CT has d... Read more

Something Is Fucked Up

Something is Fucked up… angiej: Where Have All The Muslims Gone? Read more