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Collected Random Geekness

Collected Random Geekness Right so an aggregate post of random geek things. Apocalypse 6 is out. For those of you who don’t know, but might care Perl is currently be re-designed from the ground up. The design documentations are all being produced in a series of what are called Apocalypses (in the “something revelaed” sense … though possibly de... Read more


Computers… So I originally was simply going to add this to my comments, but I think it’s better if it’s more visible. This was a comment posted in reply to an ealier post (sorry Rhonda) I think she makes some very valid points. I’ve given my response below, but I’m not 100% committed to what I say. Chris, she's three. Don't get her addicted to... Read more


Depressing? So I’ve already had one comment that the new look is depressing. I finally got off my ass and changed the look and feel of the website so it didn’t look so much like the default website that ships with Moveable type. Obviously things are still being worked on. I will update them as I get to them. I’m slowly building the rest of the ... Read more

Anybody Seen A Critter Around Here

Anybody Seen a Critter around here? When we move back to the states, one idea Jamie and I both have is to build a computer for Katie, she’s just old enough to really start enjoying playing with them. We’d like to give her something fun, and I’ve been looking into Case Mods. I’ve seen a few animal case mods that but they’re not wonderful. At th... Read more

Is It Just Me Or

Is it just me or … Was there alot of time travel episodes in Star Trek Voyager? It seems like each show had it’s own theme. The original series was a western (litterally promoted to the powers that be as a Wagon Train to the stars). The Next Generation was very political (very fitting for the late 80’s early 90’s). DS9 had a heavy religious the... Read more