The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Is It So Terrible

Is it so terrible? So I’ve written a little application that will allow my IRC Bot to blog for me (and anybody else who happens to be in the same channel as he is). I keep claiming it’s sick. My friends tell me I have no idea. But then I’m not alone, I happen to know of at least three other blogging Bots on IRC. So really is it that terrible? ... Read more

Scholarships And Loans

Scholarships and Loans In case someone were interested, I’ve found a list of Scolarships, Grants, Awards and Loans … in case someone were interested. Actually I’m pretty sure that if he’s already have seen (and possibly rejected) most of these. But he can contact me for the details to the site I pulled them from. They have details on all of ... Read more


Sickeningly… Sickeningly I’m installing an Application to allow me to write Perl scripts that will blog for me. There’s a level of geekdom there that I’ve crossed into that I’m not about to willing return from. Read more

Etrustcan Iconography

Etrustcan iconography… This should prove that Perl is not greek. Read more

Self Recognition

Self recognition Sadly, she’s right. Read more