The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Shes Found Out.

She’s found out. Wonderful Child Could she be referring to this? Read more


Others So others have chosen. Rhonda has setup Crazy Goes This World on a most excellent hosting provider I must say. Beyond that I’ve managed to figure out that I need to set the width attribute in the CSS files to keep my posts from screaming off the side in IE 6. If things look horrible please tell me. Time shall see what happens next. Read more

Look At Them Changes

Look at them Changes… Right, so I figured out how to get Moveable Type installed. Now we have some serious blogging power backing the site. You can now comment, you can now create linkbacks, you can now read the rss feed, you can now do all kinds of stuff I have no clue about because I’m still reading the manual I found in the glovebox. Beyond ... Read more

A Conversation

A Conversation [22:22:40] rto3rd: wow…I just disconnected by ethernet cable instead of the power cable…I was surprised it worked [22:23:07] MarceusX: You’ve got a few seconds of delay where you just drop packets. [22:23:26] rto3rd: I know, I just didn’t think I was fast enough. AIM ususally just dies anyway. [22:23:32] MarceusX: Check the flo... Read more

One Of The Three

One of the three Right, so perhaps some gentle egging can keep Christy posting. I read her blog, more often it seems than I talk to her. So I’m one of the three. I’m no better at keeping things up to date than she is. For me it’s a motivation thing, I’m either not at my computer when I want to write something (and I haven’t gotten my Palm setup ... Read more