The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Fun With Deep See Physics

Fun with Deep See Physics Ouch. The hole is aparently only 3mm wide. And this all takes place at the bottom of the ocean. Read more

Isnt It Wonderful To See Others With Your Same Ideas

Isn’t it wonderful to see other’s with your same ideas? So Rocco posted this on #poe to present the “next step” in POEvolution Amazingly it’s nearly exactly what I would like to have to program with. If you can capture the compiled Parrot Bytecode from Perl 6 … life will be amazingly sweet. It looks like I may have the technology to build my ... Read more

Bot Pluggable Trust Sqlite

Bot::Pluggable::Trust::SQLite It seems to be finished Yeah!! After a bit of testing I’ll document it and release it to CPAN along with some of the other bot pluggable modules I’ve got running around. Next to finish the FServ Bot … as well as finish Apache::PPD and then start on Apache::Tidy … I’m quite happy with all of this if you cant tell. Read more


Speechless . Read more


Rummaging… So rummaging about looking up information on all the things I’ve wanted to do, I found HTML::Tidy a SWIG based Perl/Tidy interface. I wonder why it’s not on CPAN (it does however mean I can look at writing Apache::Tidy). I also found some neat aritlces on XML.COM one talking about embedding Javscript into XSLT and one talking about ... Read more