The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?


Updating … I’ve updated my friends list on use.perl to include more people I remember who’s journals I actively try to read (beyond just Baud and Geoff) and it’s made my friends-of-friends list rather long now ;) Also darobin has added me as a friend which is as Death says “Peachy Keen”. I suppose this means I should get my act together, uploa... Read more

Trust Issues

Trust issues… Right with help from Moe I’ve updated Bender’s nick recognition … but I should move the regex into Bot::Pluggable::Common and have it exported. I’ve also (I think) sorted ChannelGuard so that it properly updates channels like it should. So when users join/part/quit it sets the channel limit appropriately. I’ve also gotten envous ... Read more




Tired… I’m just to burned out to cope much. Maybe i’ll get up some energy later and finish some of the non-work things I’ve promised … maybe I won’t … it’s that kind of mood y’know? By the way Rhonda suspects that think you don’t exist. Now isn’t that rude of her. ::yawns:: More when I become sociable I suppose. (Isn’t it sad when you’re too... Read more

I Almost Want A Camping Van

I almost want a camping van Bio-Diesel makes me want a Diesel car, which will only encourage Jamie’s desire for a VW Camping Van. I’m just nervous because neither of us is “car” people and outside of driving them I don’t know the first thing about them. Computer’s I’m fine with … ripping apart a car gives me the willies. It’s just a matter of ... Read more