The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

1 E Mail Required

1 E-mail Required I found a previous professor’s new website tonight. The neat thing about this is he’s the professor I went to, to get a letter of reccomendation from, when I moved to the UK. I’m so tired at the moment that I have screwed up three attempts to e-mail him by putting the subject line into the CC f... Read more

Testing A New Soq Client.

Testing a new Soq client. Testing a new Soq client. I’m working to see if everything seems okay. Seem okay to you? ::time passes:: Well it all worked appropriately it seems. I can update again using Soq. Although I need to spend some time working on the site to update it to properly use the Blogging squid stuff that Luke has built ... Read more

Its Halloween

It’s halloween… It’s halloween go pretend to be someone else. This one reminds me of The Tesseract by Alex Garland: Read more

After Almost A Month

After almost a month… After almost a month, Christy has started blogging again. Yeah! Could it be the drugs she’s taking? Or the alchol? You be the judge. (Honestly I’m just glad I don’t have to have a daily update about reindeer boobies anymore) Read more

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad In case I forget. Happy Birthday Dad. Read more