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Links For 2009 03 03

links for 2009-03-03 FontForge (tags: truetype conversion ttf fontforge editing tipografia x11 type fonts font software development osx tools mac design linux opensource art free application typography unix graphics download windows freeware tool editor utilities) Sin... Read more

Links For 2009 03 02

links for 2009-03-02 Git for the real world (tags: merge software howto tips article articles tutorial distributed git advice scm control ui twitter version-control dvcs issues rant version sourcecontrol rebase) How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data - Br... Read more

Links For 2009 03 01

links for 2009-03-01 What to do if your startup is about fail (or Don't Stop Believing) (tags: failure calacanis fail company to howto blog business advice economics management email money startup entrepreneurship enterprise startups economy entrepreneur) Read more

Links For 2009 02 24

links for 2009-02-24 WebHooks, Syndication and the Programmable Web - O'Reilly Broadcast (tags: webservice pipes syndication webhooks development article tools web2.0 tech architecture distributed rest server rss http webservices computing messaging oreilly mashup cloud applications) ... Read more

Webkit Breaks Rest Apps

webkit– # breaks REST apps WebKit is has a broken Accept header, it puts text/xml and application/xml first which breaks Catalyst::Action::REST’s default configuration and makes the idea of being able to dispatch html/xhtml different from XML difficult at best. The reason it turns out is that the webkit developers cargo-culted from Firefox, and... Read more