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Links For 2009 02 20

links for 2009-02-20 Signing and Publishing - Android (tags: sign programming java application google mobile eclipse android market) Doing Business Out-of-State: Foreign Qualification (tags: business) Start... Read more

Links For 2009 02 19

links for 2009-02-19 The 100 Best Albums on eMusic, eMusic (tags: emusic top100 bestof albums top best music download mp3 ipod list lists downloads mp3s to_read) Read more

Links For 2009 02 18

links for 2009-02-18 Start Up Now: Keynote Speech This talk spawned a discussion I've promised to write down a couple blog posts about (yes this means that there's a chance of a non-Link post in the future!) (tags: startups startup entrepreneurship keynotes) ... Read more

Links For 2009 02 16

links for 2009-02-16 Planet Moose the Moose Planet ... or your DOOM! (tags: moose perl aggregators) Read more

Links For 2009 02 14

links for 2009-02-14 データベースマネージャ Tokyo Cabinet Tokyo Cabinet is a simple non-relational (mostly) database engine similar to BerkleyDB or DBM. (tags: dbm qdbm bdb btree hashtable fast lgpl persistence programming engine perl hash software java tokyocabinet opensource tech ruby library performance d... Read more