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Links For 2009 02 13

links for 2009-02-13 Flashbake Auto-Save using git (tags: software tools cool computers opensource writing git python versioncontrol digital cms publishing composition writer boingboing versions) Read more

Links For 2009 02 12

links for 2009-02-12 libcurl - PHP Binding examples Took me forever to figure out why I was getting the headers in my output from curl. Setting up an empty call back fixed it. (tags: tips php) Read more

Links For 2009 02 10

links for 2009-02-10 Query Execution Techniques in PostgreSQL (tags: postgresql query interesting database search db presentation kiokudb) Nonresident Aliens (tags: tax irs us nonresident) Instant Pancake M... Read more

Links For 2009 02 08

links for 2009-02-08 ADC—Managing Concurrency with NSOperation (tags: code development objective-c nsoperation concurrency cocoa iphone review threading) Read more

Links For 2009 02 06

links for 2009-02-06 Bright Solutions for Dyslexia (tags: adhd orton-gillingham specialed education learning research psychology reading children resources teaching info dyslexia spelling website firefox:bookmarks) 50 Twitter Users to Follow for Your Job Search | One ... Read more