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Links For 2009 02 18

links for 2009-02-18 Start Up Now: Keynote Speech This talk spawned a discussion I've promised to write down a couple blog posts about (yes this means that there's a chance of a non-Link post in the future!) (tags: startups startup entrepreneurship keynotes) ... Read more

Links For 2009 02 16

links for 2009-02-16 Planet Moose the Moose Planet ... or your DOOM! (tags: moose perl aggregators) Read more

Links For 2009 02 14

links for 2009-02-14 データベースマネージャ Tokyo Cabinet Tokyo Cabinet is a simple non-relational (mostly) database engine similar to BerkleyDB or DBM. (tags: dbm qdbm bdb btree hashtable fast lgpl persistence programming engine perl hash software java tokyocabinet opensource tech ruby library performance d... Read more

Links For 2009 02 13

links for 2009-02-13 Flashbake Auto-Save using git (tags: software tools cool computers opensource writing git python versioncontrol digital cms publishing composition writer boingboing versions) Read more

Links For 2009 02 12

links for 2009-02-12 libcurl - PHP Binding examples Took me forever to figure out why I was getting the headers in my output from curl. Setting up an empty call back fixed it. (tags: tips php) Read more