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Links For 2009 01 24

links for 2009-01-24 Thrudb - faster, cheaper than SimpleDB - (tags: thrudb simpledb couchdb thrift databases programming memcached aws web article storage db development cloud document webdev s3 free ruby architecture rails performance database comparison cluster scalability amazon sc... Read more

Links For 2009 01 23

links for 2009-01-23 Minimal ZTD: The Simplest System Possible | Zen Habits (tags: ztd zen simplicity zenhabits procrastination minimal self-improvement howto tools reference tips blog productivity learning gtd lifehacks management blogging organization health lifehack personal system life organi... Read more

Links For 2009 01 22

links for 2009-01-22 Salted Water for Boiling Recipe at Delicious and Tasty (especially the comments) (tags: recipes food) C dominated 2008's open-source project nursery • The Register According to this article Perl with an 18% share... Read more

Links For 2009 01 16

links for 2009-01-16 Home - Chef - Opscode Open Source Wiki Makes me want to make a Verby port (tags: chef systems admin opscode provisioning tools wiki ruby sysadmin rails server management deployment networking automation framework hosting aws puppet config configuration cloud) ... Read more

Links For 2009 01 15

links for 2009-01-15 Start a New Branch on your Remote Git Repository | Zorched / One Line Fix create a remote branch using git (tags: branch branching branches programming howto development reference code articles tips blog tutorials tutorial documentation git scm versioncontrol vcs cheatsheet tr... Read more