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Links For 2009 01 05

links for 2009-01-05 JasonUnbound: How to Make a Hula Hoop (tags: hooping hulahoop crafts hoop craft hula how-to howto fun exercise resource make misc children education diy tutorial tutorials) Read more

Links For 2009 01 01

links for 2009-01-01 Entrepreneurship: A Primer (tags: entrepreneur blog business career guides startup entrepreneurship readme) Read more

Links For 2008 12 31

links for 2008-12-31 7 Ways to Use Evernote - Stepcase Lifehack (tags: evernote notes notetaking bookmarking webapps iphone life information software howto osx mac tools apple tips tutorials tutorial apps tech productivity research gtd reading lifehacks 2008 list organization tool lifehack) ... Read more

Links For 2008 12 30

links for 2008-12-30 Marginal Revolution: Profitable until deemed Illegal (tags: cool business irc psychology price evil) Woodford Reserve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia RJBS recommended this as a good American burbon. (tags: burbou... Read more

Links For 2008 12 29

links for 2008-12-29 A web-focused Git workflow (tags: web-development process programming subversion deployment web software version-control article development webserver design source tips versioning blog webdev code dvcs website workflow dev tutorial git scm svn versioncontrol inspiration serv... Read more