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Links For 2008 11 13

links for 2008-11-13 The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry (tags: stephenfry stephen.fry stephen_fry popculture blogs blog language culture writing education history humour philosophy reading literature 2008 linguistics english essay twitter grammar) Michael Lewis - Th... Read more

Links For 2008 11 12

links for 2008-11-12 Google Code Blog: ZXing 1d/2d Barcode decoding source code released (tags: zxing reader opensource mobile java google barcode code api programming source) Read more

Links For 2008 11 10

links for 2008-11-10 GNU Screen: Working with the Scrollback Buffer — Samsarin (tags: unix ubuntu tools tips reference sysadmin osx mac scrollback screen terminal) SEOmoz Blog | Search Engine Marketing News & Tips (tags: webdesign ... Read more

Links For 2008 11 09

links for 2008-11-09 Scala Papers and Talks | The Scala Programming Language (tags: toread papers actors scala) Free Keyword Suggestion Tool From Wordtracker (tags: free keyword tool seo webdev) Read more

Links For 2008 11 06

links for 2008-11-06 Perl Oasis CFP Call for Papers for Perl Oasis in Orlando on January 17, 2009 (tags: orlando perl workshop) GitCasts Screen Casts on Git (tags: git screencasts howto documentation) High-le... Read more