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Links For 2008 11 25

links for 2008-11-25 The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet (tags: platforms facebook ning applications saas pmarca andreessen programming amazon plugin web trends software platform article strategy development design blog technology business web2.0 internet commun... Read more

Links For 2008 11 24

links for 2008-11-24 Top Employers 2008 in Orlando 25% of Orlando is employed by 100 companies, 17% is employed by Disney alone. (tags: orlando employers statistics) Read more

Links For 2008 11 20

links for 2008-11-20 Playing with OpenSSH public keys (tags: ssh sysadmin linux geek tricks security work authentication openssh) Read more

Links For 2008 11 19

links for 2008-11-19 NeverBlock | An Introduction To Fibers (tags: ruby1.9 fibers 1.9 fiber thread concurrent programming article development ruby concurrency rails rubyonrails threads to_read io) Read more

Links For 2008 11 18

links for 2008-11-18 How I stopped missing Darcs and started loving Git How to re-write history in git with git rebase --interactive (tags: darcs amend rebase vcs opinion dvcs version-control control tool comparison programming software howto article development tools reference linux articles code... Read more