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Links For 2008 10 30

links for 2008-10-30 KiokuDB KiokuDB is a Moose based object oriented persistence frontend for various document oriented storage backends. KiokuDB focuses on predictability and transparency, allowing noninvasive persistence while minimising the unpleasant surprises that come with naive serialization approaches. ... Read more

Links For 2008 10 29

links for 2008-10-29 Jason Fried of 37Signals on Business, Focus, and Avoiding Interruption - O'Reilly Broadcast (tags: work web2.0 web video towatch startup technology software to_read) Techspansion (tags: visualhub videos video ... Read more

Links For 2008 10 28

links for 2008-10-28 Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Bloom Filter Resources (tags: programming web bloom bloomfilter python filter polling hash datastructure development articles blog code webdev ruby api rest algorithm algorithms cache cs bloomfilters filters probability resource) ... Read more

Links For 2008 10 27

links for 2008-10-27 The Programming Aphorisms of Strunk and White - Coding the Wheel (tags: writing tips style standards software quality read programming strunk strunkandwhite strunk-and-white white) Read more

Links For 2008 10 26

links for 2008-10-26 #G7 Idle RPG: Game Info (tags: rpg irc gaming fun) Pottery Wheels - Repair & Replacement Parts Parts to repair Jamie's Brent wheels (tags: pottery equipment parts) Read more