The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

The Homeschool Affair

The HomeSchool Affair So this weekend Jamie and I spent two days at the FEPA (Florida Educator Parent Association) Annual convention. We are planning on trying to home school Katie for a year, and to see what comes of that. The highlight of the show was the science booth where the lady was blowing stuff up. (Aurora Lipper is officially one of th... Read more

Getting The 12 00 Flashers Online

Getting the 12:00 Flashers Online So I have setup my in-laws company up with it’s own blog. This is part of totally re-buidling their online presence. Next we will be doing some SEO work, building out the quoting applications and then learning the wonderful world of AD Words. Read more

Why I Am Passionate About Perl

Why I Am Passionate About Perl brian d. foy was asking for information about “Why People Are Passionate About Perl” for his keynote. The person who introduced me to Perl showed me that… Nobody actually introduced me to Perl. I found it on my own. In 1996 when you had finished learning HTML and CSS and wanted to have a job in the industry Perl ... Read more

Meals For 2006 05 13

Meals for 2006-05-13 Note I’ve started a new diet and (hopefully) exercise regime and I’m gonna try to force myself to record progress here. Weight: Unknown (forgot to weigh myself) Size: Unknown (forgot to measure myself, but I’m still fitting into (and over) my 34” pants) Breakfast: 3 eggs (2 whites 1 whole). 1/2 Medium Onion Lunch: Sautée... Read more

Links For 2008 05 13

links for 2008-05-13 US Political Logos 2008 - 1960 (tags: election design graphicdesign identity list politics retro usa branding presidential graphic_design logo) Read more