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Make Cpan Your Bitch

Make CPAN Your Bitch So in a comment on Perlbuzz someone asked if this advice given in the last post would cause the latest (and possibly untested) version of a module to get installed off CPAN. The short answer is “yes”. But that only means “yes if it still passes tests” and hopefully the module maintainer has backwards compatibility tests, the... Read more

Write It Like You Mean It

Write it Like You Mean It One of the things I’ve discovered recently, and wished I’d known years ago is you need to write all your Perl applications like you were gonna be posting them to CPAN, even if you have no intention of ever doing so. At work we are starting to migrate from a legacy system that was written in the grandest of late 90s CGI... Read more

Super Awesome Cool Changes

Super Awesome Cool Changes So I’ve been busy for the last two months with work. In what little spare time I’ve had I’ve been helping Jamie set up the website for her new Pottery studio. You should check it out and watch as things change and grow there. Hopefully she’ll even start blogging soon. Read more

My True Children

My True Children [REDACTED]*Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch!</div> Due to complaints from the mother. Read more


Lists I love lists for some reason, the Top 50 Books You Must Read stuff, the 1000 Places to See Before You Die … all of it. I have a Todo List at HiveMinder, I have my recently played list at, I have a list of recent messages at … just now I stumbled across a blog post that was talking about top 5 commands … Uploaded with pla... Read more