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Meals For 2006 05 13

Meals for 2006-05-13 Note I’ve started a new diet and (hopefully) exercise regime and I’m gonna try to force myself to record progress here. Weight: Unknown (forgot to weigh myself) Size: Unknown (forgot to measure myself, but I’m still fitting into (and over) my 34” pants) Breakfast: 3 eggs (2 whites 1 whole). 1/2 Medium Onion Lunch: Sautée... Read more

Links For 2008 05 13

links for 2008-05-13 US Political Logos 2008 - 1960 (tags: election design graphicdesign identity list politics retro usa branding presidential graphic_design logo) Read more

Links For 2008 05 11

links for 2008-05-11 Latin 1 in A post explaining how to set to use Latin1 (tags: erlang hacks language mac osx programming) Read more

Settling Down

Settling Down Sorry, I mean to post more but I never have the time or energy. We’re settled in Florida again, in Orlando just across the line from Kissimmee. Things are still crazy with boxes that need unpacking and routines that need sorting out and settling in but they’ve calmed down just enough that I can think again. Read more

Links For 2008 05 08

links for 2008-05-08 Florida Farmer's Markets (tags: florida green lists market farmers food Agriculture produce markets) Read more