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5.10 In Macports

5.10 in MacPorts Hey I totally missed this but apparently Perl 5.10 made it into MacPorts! This is exciting because I use MacPorts on the current incarnation of Alice(^3) and I have been wanting to move forward onto the new 5.10 goodness. Check it out for yourself! Read more

Links For 2008 04 10

links for 2008-04-10 Canon EOS Digital Rebel Documents/Downloads (tags: camera canon digital_rebel digital) Map of the Trip to Florida Map of the planned route for our move to Florida (tags: map maps trip florida) Kelly Blue Book Value for Bill (98 Ford Explorer Sport) Trying to sell my truck, this is the kelly blue book... Read more


$240 </param></param></embed> Read more

Links For 2008 04 06

links for 2008-04-06 Cryptomundo (tags: cryptozoology blog science weird blogs paranormal humor) Read more

Links For 2008 04 01

links for 2008-04-01 Andy Carol's LEGO Difference Engine (tags: lego computer math babbage fun engine art) Stupid Bar Tricks (tags: tricks bar howto fun games tutorial alcohol) State by State breakdown of what the rules and regulations for private healthcare in small businesses and self employed (... Read more