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Links For 2008 03 11

links for 2008-03-11 the ryan king » Introducing Conveyor (tags: algorithms cluster data distributed functional http programming scaling database scalability queue ruby) Read more

Links For 2008 03 10

links for 2008-03-10 Zombie in My Pocket (ZimP) : Solitaire Game by Jeremiah Lee (tags: game games free) WesternDakotaCountyMNFreecycle : Western Dakota County MN Freecycle™ (tags: recycling recycle computer computers) Costco - Trade-In & Recycle Program (tags: electronics costco recycle recycling shopping h... Read more

Links For 2008 03 02

links for 2008-03-02 Tutorials - jQuery JavaScript Library (tags: ajax api css demo dev dhtml documentation framework jquery javascript tutorial library webdesign howto) Read more

Links For 2008 02 26

links for 2008-02-26 garfield minus garfield (tags: awesome cartoons comedy comic comics deconstruction fun funny photoshop existentialism garfield humor) Do Not Learn Perl Perl will get under your skin. You will miss its features and quirks when you're not using it. You might even find other languages insufferable, once you get c... Read more

The Open Guide To

The Open Guide to So I’ve gone and setup the new and this time we’re using a wiki, OpenGuides to be specific. I went with OpenGuides cause it seems a nice fit for the community. Really this is a chance to try and build something of a community out of a group of people who are silently pursuing semi-related pursuits... Read more