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Links For 2008 02 06

links for 2008-02-06 20 minutes or so on why I am 4Barack (Lessig Blog) An Excellent Video arguing the differences between the Democratic candidates. (tags: advocacy audio awesome copyright blogs essays future 2008 war elections election lessig video politics obama) Political Technology Issues tech crunch's round up on where can... Read more


IMG00139.jpg IMG00139.jpg, originally uploaded by perigrin. We went to the Caucuses last night for the first time ever. I figured it is probably a once in a life time thing for us. It was fascinating. Read more

Links For 2008 02 05

links for 2008-02-05 Randomn3ss ยป Make money selling digital photos Part I (tags: article business finance freelance guide guides howto images photos photo money stock photography) Read more

Links For 2008 02 04

links for 2008-02-04 Unusual Hotels of the World : Dog Bark Park Inn (tags: usa trip) Read more

Links For 2008 02 02

links for 2008-02-02 Ivor Wigham's European Rally School of Florida Welcomes You! (tags: school rally driving florida) Read more