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Links For 2008 01 29

links for 2008-01-29 StacklessTwisted - stacklessexamples - Google Code (tags: python stackless twisted) Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Stackless Python (tags: programming python stackless) - About Stackless (tags: asynchronous browser cluster computer compiler concurrency cool coroutines softwar... Read more

Links For 2008 01 28

links for 2008-01-28 Cookie Jar - Sioux Falls, SD (tags: travel sioux_falls SD mt_rushmore_trip restaurants food roadfood) Bob's - Sioux Falls, SD (tags: food travel SD sioux_falls mt_rushmore_trip) Pasta Carbonara Part Deux: Simpler, Heartier, and Less Healthy (tags: recipes) Slice: A List of Regional Pizza Styles ... Read more

Links For 2008 01 27

links for 2008-01-27 Cuddly Collectibles - Full Body Hand and Finger Puppets (tags: jamie) Read more

Living In A New World

Living in a New World So we have a whole new host here. And we’ve given up Apache in favor of a lighter faster setup using nginx/Lighttpd and some custom webservers. Mostly this post right now is a test to see if Movable Type is working again. Read more

Links For 2008 01 25

links for 2008-01-25 [Free Education Software GCompris] (tags: children education freeware game games kids learning linux) Welcome to Squeakland (tags: active animation apple articles authoring backup c++ car opensource fun software smalltalk kids education squeak programming) Read more