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Links For 2007 11 03

links for 2007-11-03 net-tube - Google Code Net::Tube is a free implementation of a pipelining system for web-services, that help people to create mash-ups of web-applications easily. However, commercial, close-source, and proprietary services have their own limitations for application developers. (tags: opensource project web2.0 xml) Read more

Links For 2007 11 02

links for 2007-11-02 steve dekorte - blog (tags: apple blogs build code dev development freeware guides software control subversion programming scm osx mac git) Read more

Links For 2007 11 01

links for 2007-11-01 Is it Christmas? (tags: api awesome fun funny geek genius humor humour rss silly web christmas) Cantaria: Contemporary: The Moose Song (tags: humour music text) YouTube - Moose Song (tags: humor moose song) Amdahl's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: algorithm architecture cluster co... Read more

Links For 2007 10 31

links for 2007-10-31 Cheapass Games Double-Secret Web Site (tags: free toys games) Read more


IMG00073 IMG00073, originally uploaded by perigrin. Since Grandma called and reminded me to post new pictures. Here's a new one taken this afternoon at Lunch. Read more