The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

No Vendors

No Vendors? Recently in a post about his moving to Google, Tim Bray said: The big thing about the Web isn’t the technology, it’s that it’s the first-ever platform without a vendor (credit for first pointing this out goes to Dave Winer). I’ve always respected Mr. Bray, I follow his blog avidly and I really enjoyed his discussion of le... Read more

Been There Done That

Been There, Done That An email recently came up on the EPO-Marketing list that I made a long and rambling reply to. The ideas I expressed there I think are important and should get expressed to a larger audience so I thought I’d put them here. The original poster to the email mentioned the recent excursion to CeBit. The impression was that the... Read more

Brewing Up A Storm

Brewing Up a Storm Because I recently had the opportunity to do a fresh re-install of my world1, I’ve spent the last few days playing with App::perlbrew. App::perlbrew is the invention of Kang-min Liu aka gugod, and the basic idea is that it’s a perl manager. It will install and track several different installations of Perl for you, allowing yo... Read more

Shot On Sight

Why I should (apparently) be shot on sight Recently chromatic posted: [12:52] chromatic: More and more I think Module::Install hurts CPAN’s installation experience. Ia! Ia! EUMM fhtagn! Which I found curious. I suspect it is because it resorts to driving ExtUtils::MakeMaker which chromatic has been vocal about hating in the past. It ... Read more

Perl Oasis 2010 Thankyou

Perl Oasis 2010 Thank You So Perl Oasis 2010 is now done, I’m currently sitting in the Hackathon room watching people quietly mingle and work on their projects. All told we had 33 people from 15 PMs across 4 countries. This is a larger attendance than last year, but still small enough I felt I got to sit and talk with people and really hang out... Read more