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Links For 2007 09 24

links for 2007-09-24 Capoeira - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: brazil history fitness interesting lifehacks personal sport sports wiki culture dance music martialarts) FAQ / memcached (tags: distributed faq howto performance server memcached cache) Read more

Eoin On A Formula High

Eoin on a Formula High IMG00063 Originally uploaded by perigrin Grandparents were complaining that there were no new pictures. This one was taken just a bit ago after the boy had finished his bottle. Read more

Links For 2007 09 22

links for 2007-09-22 Ghost Towns and History of the American West (tags: community halloween photos) About GroupLens - GroupLens Research GroupLens does research into Collaborative Filtering (reccomender systems) (tags: ai collaboration community computers data database dev education collaborative filtering recommendation collab... Read more

Links For 2007 09 21

links for 2007-09-21 Charming Python: Implementing "weightless threads" with Python generators (tags: article concurrency ibm patterns programming python threads coroutines) Read more


Talks An Introduction to Moose OpenGuides Read more