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Links For 2007 09 19

links for 2007-09-19 C REPL (tags: c c++ cli cool debugging dev development fun hack interpreter tools programming repl) Objective CAML Tutorial (tags: tutorial reference programming links language geek functional development ocaml) Read more

Links For 2007 09 17

links for 2007-09-17 No Knead Bread, Revisited | Jaden's Steamy Kitchen (tags: baking bread cooking food recipe recipes) Corn Chowder by Jasper White (tags: cooking food recipe recipes soup corn) perl,python,php,ruby Job Trends | (tags: business perl php python ruby) Read more


IMG00042 IMG00042 Originally uploaded by perigrin The skyway at the MN Fair at sunset ... too bad my phone only does slightly blurry photos ... I mean "soft focus" Read more

New Backend

New Backend I’ve updated everything to use Moveable Type 4 now. And really I’m just testing it to make sure stuff is really working. Read more

Looking For A Few Good Books

Looking for a few good books [Note: For context, my mom works in a library in North Georgia. ] Chris, Can you send me the names of some good Science Fictions Authors, other than the popular ones such as Robert Jordan? Susie’s looking for authors to add to the collections at the library. Thanks, Mom Actually there was a series of b... Read more