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Links For 2007 09 27

links for 2007-09-27 Seed: Scientific Method: Relationships Among Scientific Paradigms A map of the interrelationship of disciplins of science based on 800,000 papers in 776 differe paradigms. (tags: analysis application art article articles awesome blog cool map network research maps visualization science) Read more

Links For 2007 09 25

links for 2007-09-25 Tim Bray and Erlang at Steve Vinoski’s Blog (tags: erlang languages performance programming) Will Life Be Worth Living In 2,000AD? (tags: article articles book essay fun futurology humor humour interesting technology futurism funny future history) Read more


IMG00067 IMG00067 Originally uploaded by perigrin Daddy and Eoin "Blogging" Read more

A Pair Of Something

A Pair of Something IMG00066 Originally uploaded by perigrin So Katie had been begging to help out with Eoin, and we realized that we really wanted a third person to help feed the gaping young man. Too bad my phone's camera sucks. Read more

Links For 2007 09 24

links for 2007-09-24 Capoeira - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: brazil history fitness interesting lifehacks personal sport sports wiki culture dance music martialarts) FAQ / memcached (tags: distributed faq howto performance server memcached cache) Read more