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Subtle Changes

Subtle Changes… You might notice some subtle differences. I’ve spent some time distracting myself and updating the software here. We’re now running MovableType 4 Beta 2. Very bleeding edge, but the software behind the scenes is very nice. I’m not sure what all is available with this install, but I do know it was time to update the templates. Read more

Links For 2007 06 14

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Links For 2007 06 08

links for 2007-06-08 Geek to Live: Automate your finances - Lifehacker (tags: article budget finance home howto lifehacks management money reference personalfinance tips finances) Smalltalk/X Programmers guide - Smalltalk/X language (tags: languages lisp programming lambda smalltalk) Read more

Links For 2007 06 06

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Links For 2007 06 05

links for 2007-06-05 A better soda can stove - (tags: blog cooking diy food gadgets hack howto lifehacks hiking backpacking stove camping) Read more