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Links For 2007 04 29

links for 2007-04-29 Bill Moyers Journal . Video Clip | PBS Bill Moyers special on the cost of Iraq. (tags: media pbs) Read more

Links For 2007 04 27

links for 2007-04-27 Road Blocks 2 - The Original Road Blocks Rhonda beware ... incredibly addictive. (tags: flash cool fun game games) Read more

Rambling On Cognitive Theory And Poker Bots

Rambling on Cognitive Theory and Poker Bots Okay so I was reading The Way We Think which is a book on cognative theory … specifically blending theory. They posit that a Blend is (if I’m reading this right) basically pattern recognition (either physical or historical or both) combined with creative scenario / prediction (creating a mental space w... Read more

Links For 2007 04 25

links for 2007-04-25 Drivers - Printers - Sharp Electronics - Download (tags: printer LNFI auction) Erlang: The Movie - Google Video One of the best movies about a programming language ever. I laughed, I cried, I told my friends! (tags: erlang video programming language movie functional concurrency distributed fun free education... Read more

Links For 2007 04 24

links for 2007-04-24 Prima - a perl graphic toolkit - (tags: gui perl toolkit) Read more