The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?


Starting Out with OOD The basic question1 for Object Oriented Design is For a given domain, how do you break the model up into Objects and Classes?” Let’s say we’re going to build an application to model the life cycle of a Book. The naive approach is to start asking “What different things are involved with Books, and how are they rela... Read more

A Little Bit Of History

A Little Bit of History I recently did some digging for what may be some future writings, as well as possibly something larger. Part of those diggings involved research into Object Oriented programming’s history. I found this example on wikipedia of Simula 67, the first Object Oriented programming language. Begin Class Glyph; Virtual:... Read more

Lies Damn Liest And Statistics

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics UPDATE: Aldo Cortesi contacted me privately via email with a response to this post. With his permission I’ve updated this post with the substance of his response and my own rebuttal. The updated sections are marked with UPDATE/END blocks. END So after chromatic linked to Aldo Cortesi’s post The impact of langu... Read more

If You Give A Mouse A Christmas

Jerrad Pierce wrote a Perl Advent Calendar entry that has sparked some discussion in the Moose community. He has revised it two or three times, and the final version is disappointing but not blatantly wrong. As a Moose contributor who has deployed Mouse into production I wanted to give some perspective on the issues that came up. Jerrad suggest... Read more

Blawd Now With Plack Control

miyagawa, the esteemed ring-leader behind the PSGI/Plack tonight in response to an idle comment about wanting to move Blawd’s simple server command over to the PSGI standard supplied me with a quick patch to do just that. So as of the most recent commit blawd server --repo myblog.git should “just work” with any environment that speaks PSGI. The ... Read more