The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Software Delivery

Software Delivery! I was just reading Matt Asay’s piece about Domino’s using open source to build out their multi-million dollar order fulfillment system. His take away quote got me thinking. There will still be a need for companies like SAP, of course, as there are broad industry needs that a company or open-source foundation can satisfy. ... Read more

What Stops Me From Using Perl 6 Today

What Stops Me From Using Perl6 Today I have to confess mst asked me to step forward and make a comment about the Perl5 & Perl6. I suspect because I’m a prime example of a person who’s deeply involved in what masak calls the Perl5 story. This is because I’ve been bound up tightly with the Moose community for a while, and I’ve recently founde... Read more

Accessors Whats In It For Me

Accessors, what’s in it for Me So there has been some discussion recently on various places I almost never go to on the internet. That has bled over into #moose-dev, the developer channel for Moose. The argument came up apparently that there’s no point to an accessor that is just a glorified wrapper around hash key assignment. The basic assump... Read more

Everybody Wants Some Cpan

Everybody Wants Some … CPAN So the twitters were all a … well twitter … with the People want CPAN :-) thread. This had some amazing synchronicity with the Perl talks we gave at Big Lamp Camp in Nashville this weekend. The main thrust of Stevan and Cory’s talks were “It’s the CPAN stupid.” However reading through the Python thread I’ve seen som... Read more

Blawd Bread Board

Bread::Board So I’ve been working on Blawd some more this week, trying to clean up the code so I can get some of the TODOs out of the way. One of the big TODOs is to implement a configuration system. I had built the application organically much the way I have built many different applications over time. I had a master Blawd class that wired ev... Read more