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Links For 2007 03 03

links for 2007-03-03 Baby Got Back - (tags: showtunes, gilbert_and_sullivan, humor, video) Read more

Snow Day

SNOW DAY Read more

Links For 2007 03 02

links for 2007-03-02 | Oregon Trail or Bust. (tags: interesting apple games) Read more

Perl Is Dead Long Live Perl

Perl is dead long live Perl! So depending on who you ask, Perl5 is dead. Or is it Perl6? Or wait no any Perl older than 2 years … or wait no Perl1. I’ve spent some time recently exploring all these different camps, and I have to say … Perl is alive and well … all of them. Perl6 excites a lot of people, and they’re vocal about how when it land... Read more

Links For 2007 02 28

links for 2007-02-28 Cheney Antoinette Let zem eat cake! (tags: cartoons political jokes) OpenPrinting/MacOSX/samsung-gdi - The Linux Foundation OpenSource Drivers for among other things ML-1740 Samsung printers (tags: opensource printer drivers macosx) Read more