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Links For 2007 03 13

links for 2007-03-13 Discworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: books comics comedy funny reading science literature discworld) Read more


Autoblogging I need to figure out how to get blog posts from here to auto-post to use.perl … Read more

Links For 2007 03 12

links for 2007-03-12 bakingsheet: Sunday Brunch: Dutch Babies (tags: food recipe recipes breakfast pancakes brunch) Read more

Links For 2007 03 11

links for 2007-03-11 How to draw Steampunk Machines (tags: article articles cool diy creativity drawing graphics guides tutorial design illustration howto steampunk art) Read more Connection Issues connection issues After several months of trying various things, giving up, trying again … etc. My connection issues with and my mail server are fixed. Turns out that my mail server (exim) didn’t like the IPV6 address that was for some reason feeding it. I was getting “syntactically invalid argument(s): [?\031?\033???I... Read more