The Room Do I dare disturb the universe? Connection Issues connection issues After several months of trying various things, giving up, trying again … etc. My connection issues with and my mail server are fixed. Turns out that my mail server (exim) didn’t like the IPV6 address that was for some reason feeding it. I was getting “syntactically invalid argument(s): [?\031?\033???I... Read more

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links for 2007-03-08 Stanley Random Chess (tags: games chess varients) The Stanley Random Chess Files - Introduction (tags: games chess varients) Erlang/OTP R11B Documentation (tags: programming erlang) MacFUSE: New Frontiers in File Systems (tags: filesystem mac) Actor model - Wikipedia, th... Read more

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links for 2007-03-07 CEAN - Packages Browser CPAN for Erlang (tags: erlang) CCG Workshop | Play CCGs Online (tags: cards development ccg freeware fun game games internet software boardgames online) Read more

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links for 2007-03-06 Delicious Library - Willipedia (tags: html library mac perl tools web wiki) SHIFT: The Web 2.0 Drinking Game Yes, it's the Web 2.0 Drinking Game, so pull up a chair, grab your favorite intoxicator, and get some friends together before you start. After all, the only thing more pathetic than playing a drinking g... Read more

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links for 2007-03-03 Baby Got Back - (tags: showtunes, gilbert_and_sullivan, humor, video) Read more