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Links For 2007 01 29

links for 2007-01-29 An algorithm for RELAX NG validation (tags: relaxng xml haskell programming tutorial examples design) Read more

Links For 2007 01 26

links for 2007-01-26 Futurama Transcripts (tags: scripts transcripts futurama) Read more

Links For 2007 01 25

links for 2007-01-25 House of Cards archive (tags: mtg cards) FUTIL: FOAF Utils (tags: foaf python web semweb semantic) CaptSolo - Semantic Web Masters Theisis on modeling Resume Data in RDF (tags: career development cv rdf resume rss schema semantic xml web webservices) lift: LiFT - Introduction Here we describe... Read more

Links For 2007 01 24

links for 2007-01-24 Clerks Script at IMSDb. (tags: scripts movies) Read more

Links For 2007 01 23

links for 2007-01-23 PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook (tags: agile book code comparison computer computers css perl ruby python c++ java php reference cookbook programming) Perl RDF The Perl RDF project hopes to address these issues: 1. Publish an official API for storage, parsing and serializing modules. ... Read more