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Links For 2006 11 30

links for 2006-11-30 XmlApi - Firefly Media Server - Trac mt-daapd makes much of its information available as xml over http. This makes writing client application that interface with it much easier. Below is an overview of the different information that can be obtained from mt-daapd, and the expected response. (tags: xml daapd hiro) ... Read more

Links For 2006 11 29

links for 2006-11-29 The Music Of Veronica Mars Listing of music heard on each episode of Veronica Mars (very nice btw) (tags: blog blogs culture download fun music reference tv television veronicamars) TC ELECTROPUNK.COM: The Twin Cities' Electropunk Source. It's simply what happens when you take a generation of bored teens and... Read more

Links For 2006 11 24

links for 2006-11-24 Smart Programmer - 15 Exercises for Learning a new Programming Language "I've working knowledge of a bunch of programming languages but job demands to learn a new language frequently in a short time. Instead of reading hundreds manual/book pages, I quickly read 10-15 pages of tutorial or primer. (As you know google is... Read more

Links For 2006 11 23

links for 2006-11-23 o e d i p u s The Story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables. (tags: art comedy film food fun funny humour literature animation video) Read more

Links For 2006 11 21

links for 2006-11-21 YouTube - Cartoon Network: Do Lunch(Jabberjaw) The Cartoon network video for Pain's JabberJaw. (tags: pain jabberjaw hanna_barbara cartoon_network) Read more