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Links For 2006 11 20

links for 2006-11-20 TinyGentoo - Gentoo Linux Wiki "I've got a 64mb usb flash disk, and I wanted Gentoo on it, but to still have plenty of room for other files. Because there wasn't anything already out there, I figured it out for myself, and this is pretty much a HOWTO make a Tiny Gentoo (under 5mb) usin (tags: flash gentoo howto linu... Read more

Links For 2006 11 17

links for 2006-11-17 Muggle Pants?! Nicely animated, good voice work ... (tags: flash funny) Transmetropolitan Volume 1 Released as a PDF! (tags: comics cyberpunk download free pdf warrenellis transmetropolitan) Read more

Links For 2006 11 04

links for 2006-11-04 The Nightmare before Halloween (tags: halloween funny) Obama_threat.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) Barak Obama is plotting against us. (tags: funny political) Read more

Links For 2006 10 30

links for 2006-10-30 Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU) is a software package produced by Microsoft which provides a Unix subsystem and other parts of a full Unix environment on Windows NT and its successors. The subsystem included is called Interix. (tags: wi... Read more

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake So yesterday was Katie’s birthday party. We had it early this year so we could go with a Halloween theme, and because it sucks to have your party in the middle of December every year in Minnesota. Jamie spent the morning in a panic trying to figure out how to deal with a 28:3 ration of kids to adults, yes that’s 28 children … lucki... Read more