The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Blawd Bread Board

Bread::Board So I’ve been working on Blawd some more this week, trying to clean up the code so I can get some of the TODOs out of the way. One of the big TODOs is to implement a configuration system. I had built the application organically much the way I have built many different applications over time. I had a master Blawd class that wired ev... Read more

Perl Oasis 2010

Perl Oasis 2010 So things are settled for 2010 Perl Oasis, I’m just waiting for instructions on what needs to be done to enable the website. The date is confirmed, January 16, 2010. The venue this year is the Four Points Sheraton Orlando, which is much closer to the action. A note on the special rate for the hotel: All reservations must be re... Read more

Perl Oasis 2010 Irc

Perl Oasis 2010 on IRC Today it was asked if Perl Oasis had an “official” IRC channel. Since the #orlando channel on has been dead for years, I suggested people could just use it. So if you’re looking for more information or just wanna hang out with other people going to Perl Oasis, or are Perl people in/near/or coming to Orlando c... Read more


Blawd So I broke Moveable Type a few weeks back and haven’t been able to post a new blog post since then. I’ve been getting tired of Moveable Type’s over head on my server, and while I appreciate the work put into Melody I’ve decided to try something different. I’ve been intrigued by Bloxsom style blogs in the past but I really didn’t like som... Read more

Eoins First Typing Session

Eoin’s first typing Session Eoin tonight started reading they keys off my keyboard to me. “Double” was the first one as he pointed to the W. After that we started pointing at keys and naming them, he did fairly well considering he’s only just turned two (he was a little confused by left-brace [ and right brace ] ). While doing that he typed in t... Read more