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Links For 2006 09 06

links for 2006-09-06 Punk-o-Matic - select music instruments and make your own punk music DIY PUNK! (tags: music flash games punk game fun guitar humor cool) Squid for Windows (tags: proxy windows squid) Read more

Links For 2006 09 04

links for 2006-09-04 Cocoa Text System There is incredible room for flexibility in customizing the Cocoa text environment, but most users—even power-users—have no idea of the available options. This is mostly because Apple’s documentation is 1) aimed at developers, and 2) often incomplet (tags: osx reference mac text cocoa keyboard tuto... Read more

Links For 2006 09 01

links for 2006-09-01 Olbermann BlastsR umsfeld OnF acism (video/quicktime Object) (tags: politics video government rumsfeld news bush) Read more

Links For 2006 08 31

links for 2006-08-31 - China's New Reality Show Goes for the Gold China Central Television, China's normally staid TV monopoly, is launching a new kind of reality show that aims to pluck someone from the nation's 1.3 billion-strong population to become an Olympic athlete. The position doesn't require brawn, speed or yea (tags: o... Read more

Links For 2006 08 30

links for 2006-08-30 X-Plane, by Austin Meyer One of the best Flight Sim applications (tags: flightsim games mac apple Game fun macosx linux) Read more