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Links For 2006 08 06

links for 2006-08-06 Steve Burns Rocks!!! Steve! Rocks! (tags: rock steveburns music tv) The Observer | Review | Harry Potter and the mystery of an academic obsession And you thought Harry Potter was kids' stuff ? Try telling that to the delegates who packed into a conference in Las Vegas last week discussing moral alignment an... Read more

Links For 2006 08 05

links for 2006-08-05 When perl is not quite fast enough So you have a perl script. And it's too slow. And you want to do something about it. This is a talk about what you can do to speed it up, and also how you try to avoid the problem in the first place. (tags: perl programming Optimization performance profiling development article how... Read more

Links For 2006 08 04

links for 2006-08-04 Talking 'bout our laptop generation The Who are ramping up the technology on [their new Tour]. Possibly mindful of fans who may be in a bath chair — or who, after sampling all the delights of the world, merely prefer the comfort of their own bed and toilet — the band are broadcasting th (tags: technology music socio... Read more

Links For 2006 08 02

links for 2006-08-02 0000s1e7 (JPEG Image, 360x480 pixels) Proof that Sanrio works for the Darkside. (tags: starwars sanrio images) The Web Is a Pipe If pipes are strong sauce, we can and should be able to take this model and apply it to our applications. And, to do it right, we need to use the simplest possible pipe. We could t... Read more

Links For 2006 07 26

links for 2006-07-26 QDB: Quote #370001 I always think of this when people talk about #perl (tags: perl metallica irc) Read more