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Links For 2006 06 01

links for 2006-06-01 -- A Survey of Open Source Apps Available for Mac OS X Nice list, but the comments make the page. (tags: OpenSource osx Mac Software apple macosx article audio development technology) Read more Returns returns I’ve updated Katie’s presence on the web. First I’ve rebuild, second I’ve posted new pictures of her to my gallery. Read more

Getting Some Things Done

Getting Some Things Done I’ve been meaning to write a post about my organization system for work. I’m not sure why anybody would care, but I’ve mentioned it more than once to Mike and said that I’d write up something about it. It’s based upon Getting Things Done which is apparently all the rage still, and Time Management for System Administrator... Read more

Links For 2006 05 26

links for 2006-05-26 Belgian Triples | A Good Beer Blog Like rich earthy select late vintage riesling...but not. A triple fermentation leaves a bare and hot drink like a medium bodied cider...but not. (via #SWIG) (tags: beer belgian triples) Museum of bad album covers: the worst album covers ever! Welcome to the Museum of Bad Al... Read more

Links For 2006 05 24

links for 2006-05-24 HOWTO Chillispot with FreeRadius and MySQL - Gentoo Linux Wiki Chillispot is a software which provides authentication and restricted network access to clients. Its primary use is in wireless (WiFi) networks. (tags: gentoo chilispot schroedinger aprnet) Chillispot - WRT Wiki Chillispot can be used for hotspot... Read more