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Links For 2006 05 22

links for 2006-05-22 Adding SPARQL Support to MySQL slides about adding SPARQL like queries to interrogate existing RDBMS databases. (tags: sparql w3c mysql xtech rdf development semantic web) Quoderat » Continuations, cont’d "I can see how continuations would work for that, just as I can see how a bulldozer could turn over the ... Read more

Links For 2006 05 19

links for 2006-05-19 Health Problems Related to the Geek Lifestyle (tags: article science articles tech attention technology blog thinking blogs brain computer computers culture english geek education lifehacks news productivity psychology work health lifestyle medical) Introduction to SAWA SAWA provides a rapid application develo... Read more

Links For 2006 05 12

links for 2006-05-12 Mad Money - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The guy is a crank, but I enjoy watching him. (tags: finance) Jan Kratochvil: Captive: The first free NTFS read/write filesystem for GNU/Linux NTFS read/write under Linux (it actually works ... mostly) (tags: linux ntfs windows filesystem software OpenSource sch... Read more

Something New

Something New I wrote a little program tonight that takes input from STDIN and posts to this blog using Net::Blogger (obviously if you’re reading this it worked). Because it reads from STDIN it works nicely with TextMate. W00t. Here’s the text of the script (posted using: cat which blog | mate | blog –title “Something New”) #!/usr/bin/perl use... Read more

Links For 2006 05 09

links for 2006-05-09 CHINA - Dard Hunter Studios Catalog arts and crafts style china, pretty but pricy (tags: artsandcrafts china) The Mission Motif – mission style furniture, lighting, arts, crafts, chimes, pottery, tile, birdfeeders, copper, home, accessories, unique, Atlanta, Georgia, Frank Lloyd Wright, Quarter Sawn Oak, furni... Read more