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Perl 6 Seems To Be Comming Along Nicely.

Perl 6 seems to be comming along nicely.

Perl 6 seems to be comming along nicely. The Parrot group has realeased a new version with a Perl 6 compiler that works with the code from Apocalypses 1 - 4. It also handles Ruby, Python, Scheme and Forth (they think).

How is this cool? Well it’s supposed to mean that with Perl 6 you can link/embed to subroutines written in each of those other languages. Which is really very cool actually.

On the other note, I’ve been testing to see if I can start blogging on my palm, but I dont’ seem to be able to get my self in gear enough to blogg straight to the web, let alone into a memo on my palm then cut-n-paste to the web. We’ll have to see how things move foward.

More idle prather later (happy Rhonda?)