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Podcasting Goes Mainstream ... Sort Of

Podcasting goes mainstream … sort of

Battlestar Gallactica, Podcasts, and AirTunes - The Unofficial Apple Weblog -

I owe these revelations to Battlestar Galactica's new podcasts, which feature commentary by Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore. For the most part, I see a good deal of the podcast craze to be a throwback to radio. This podcast, however, is the first that I've seen doing something really cool with the format. They're making the audio commentary that we all know and love from DVDs and releasing it for free via the internet for watching along with each week's episode. The podcast starts with the beginning of the show and beeps at each commercial break, so that you can pause the audio and follow nicely along. That's an innovative and cool use of podcasts, best served with an innovative use of wireless technology: AirTunes.

This is a brilliant use of SemWeb technologies (RSS + Aggregator) to provide a secondary channel for metadata (director commentary) hooked to a live broadcast. I was amused at how quickly podcasting hit the zeitgeist for it to show up on Battlestar Galactica, but I didn’t realize how powerful that idea could be until i read this little post.

Podcasting seems to be the internet’s answer to RIAA and the MPAA shutting down Internet Radio (note: there should be a link to Lawrence Lessig here).

We’ll see where this leads.