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Pointless Ramblings

Pointless Ramblings…

Right, so let’s see if we can sum up the disparate threads of thought that actually impelled me to blog.

We start with Kake having fixed OpenGuides to allow international location based searches. So you can now add a bunch of geodata to an OpenGuide (like St. Paul’s or Orlando’s). This is great, it’s spurred me to begin adding data to the Saint Paul site again.

All of this had lead to my findingthis site. This is a horrible website, I can’t believe sites like it still exist. Much less it has such a good url as!

I’m closing on my house tomorrow, and that makes me a more concerned member of the citizenery. Tomorrow we trade a vast sum of money in exchange for a tiny fragment of land across from an elementary school and down the street from a swiftly freezing lake. Which makes me want to share, explore, and love the city I’m now rather very monetarily attached to.