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Ring Ring Ring Ring Perl Phone

Ring Ring Ring Ring Perl Phone!

So I just got my first Perl script running on my Phone. I have a T-Mobile G1 and I installed the Android Scripting Environment 0.11-Alpha which allows you to install a copy of Perl5 (as of this writing 5.10.0) on your phone. It then sets up an RPC enviroment giving you access to the native Android APIs via a very naieve JSON-RPC system.

There was a small bug in the JSON-RPC Code, but it was easily fixed. Now my simple script test script works as expected. DAHUT!

UPDATE: Apparently the XS side of things isn’t working right, which means that any module (including core Modules) that requires XS doesn’t work. Also some non-XS core modules (like Time::Local) apparently aren’t included by default either. This is causing LWP to not work properly. Hopefully someone with better C skills out there can help the cross compilation of XS modules.