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Selenium And Perl

Selenium and Perl

This came across the Perl Signals recently:

We are using Selenium RC for our automation. We are using a combination of Selenium RC + Perl. Could somebody please tell me how to generate a html report for our Perl tests using Selenium? Any pointers in this regard would be appreciated. – Shaguftaa

Because this is something we’ve talked about at work and I have a friend Mike Nachbaur who has done extensive work with Perl and Selenium for automated testing, I asked him about it.

Well, basically people who’re doing testing directly with selenium are stupid. A better approach is to do testing via Test::WWW::Selenium instead, so that way you output TAP, and then you can use standard Perl test tools to generate reports from your TAP

He also should have mentioned his own Test::A8N which does “Storytest Automation”, which is a fancy way of saying automated acceptance tests.