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Sorry About The Delay

Sorry about the delay…

Sorry about the delay, went to Orchardton this weekend (it’s the house in the background). We ended up helping herd the sheep in to the house, it’s sad when seven very intelligent people are out witted by a group of six sheep. But eventually we won, and they were shorn.

We also got new pictures of Kaitlynn online. There is a page here of older pictures and a page here with a very nice Black & White from Laura (kirsty’s mom). And another picture of Kirsty which Jamie want’s to duplicate with Katie.

Hopefully Jamie will get the pictures from this weekend developed while I have enough time to scan them (she’s only works with film … digital just is not good enough when you blow it up aparently … she’s a bit of a camera snob). But if they are scanned before Jamie and Katie leave the country I’ll try to get them up as well.