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The Critics Have Spoken.

The Critics have spoken.

Well the critics … um well critic … has spoken. Marsae at WonderfulChild, who pestered me endlessly about what a Blog was and what she should have for a blog and what it should be called, then complained about the old look of the site as being rather “plain.”

Well there is a reason, I’m not using Blogger or Movable Type, or any other blogging software but something a bit more home grown. And while I have full faith in the future of my little programming efforts, work keeps me from concetrating on more important things … like blogging. So I can’t devote the proper ammount of time to desiging this site.

Speaking of blogging and Marsae … I was wondering if she’d be interested in a challenege with the blog-a-thon. I don’t think she could come up with 24-hours worth of posts.