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The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond

I have endevored into the great re-install and I’m now running Windows XP Pro. We’ll have to see how well this lasts, but so far I really really like Cleartype. So much so in fact that I’ve gone back to exclusively using the Laptop’s monitor despite the 800x600 resolution it constrains me too. I’ll see if I can keep you posted

There was a short discussion with Fotios tonight about blogging and why it facinates me. I discovered that it’s the idea that you have a genera that is influenced heavily by the genera of Journal writing, but is at the same time so different because of the change of media.

Journal writing is traditionally a personal thing. You are writing for an audiance of one, your (future) self, and you are constrained by the traditional limitations of print. References you make to another work will take a noticeable ammount of time/distance to look up unless they are either highly personal, or very obvious.

Blogging however has neither of these traditions. Blogging is done with the idea that others are gonna read your work, and that you can make a reference and it will nearly instantaneously assocated.

An example: Have you noticed how wonderful child hasn’t been updated in a while? I can reference her site, and presto the link is instantly available.

Idle thoughts. I try to provide content. Even if occasionally Soq tries to eat it.