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The History Of The Future

The history of the future

So I’ve been reading alot of Philip K. Dick recently. Which is really interesting, because it was written just after WWII (early 50’s mostly) and has a whole different take on what the future will be like. Nearly 90% of the stories I’ve read thus far have included some form of nuclear holocost that has decimated life as we know it. Computers have nearly no presence, although there was a swibble which was some form of bio-mechanical device that would fit in nearly exactly with modern bio-gentic tales of horror.

Then I came across this in an email: Radebaugh: The Future We Were Promised

It’d be interesting to really give a solid look at the history of the future some time. I really enjoy seeing the historical documentaries on where we’ll all be in some far flung future time like the year 2000.