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Two Months Later

Two Months Later

So, I feel a bit short changed. One of the links I have on my homepage to remind myself I’d like to read it daily hasn’t been updated in two whole months (today!).

Granted, she’s been busy. She’s got a new job starting next month. But did she bother to tell us about it? No. One would think a momentus event like actually finding a job in the field you were Trained for would mean a joyus posting to annouce it to the world at large. I mean I said something here about going to speak at the Perl conference in Paris in a few weeks.

She also claims she’s been sick and traveling. But really, two months worth of sick and traveling? Rhonda’s been traveling, she’s posted much more recently (though granted, in three days I’ll have to post a “One Month Later” post I’m sure).

Yes, this is quite obviously a guilt post. I told Rhonda I was gonna write one. Rhonda, we’ll see if she pays attention to it.