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Worry Bugs

Worry Bugs

I didn’t post yesterday, I spent much of my time worrying about some bugs in Soq. I think I’ve got them reolved down to re-designing the object structure but while I’m tinkering with the innards I decided to go and design the abstract class so I can do some interitance bits, which in tern led to a long pondering of how to build inheritible class data in Perl’s OO paradigm. I think I have it sorted, but I haven’t implimented anything yet so who really knows.

Had a dream last night that was very bizzar, Jamie (my wife if you don’t know … but generally I suppose you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know her) owned a shoe store on Rose St. When I told her about it this morning she said that it was a good idea, selling London style shoes here in Edinburgh.


I haven’t read any of Techgnosis for the last two nights, spent most of Wed night talking with Jamie about money (how to pay bills, how to save cash, how to not go crazy because we only have an allowance of £5.00) and last night I played with Photoshop 7 for a bit looking at a massive site redesign for

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